Carretera Atlantic Boulevard Abra Grande
La Terrenas, Samanà, 32000, Dominican Republic
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Dear friends, tired of living at unsustainable rhythms, low wages and too expensive taxes, victims of a consumer society .... we left all! for a new life! come here to invest and live we will be happy to advise and help.

Also, if you want to build a house, or buy apartments or land, we guarantee full reliability, design and implementation work, collaborate with local technicians assigned as lawyers, architects, builders, quantity surveyors, working seriously!

You can make the home of your dreams through our family.

Virginia and Peter

Sale of Lands

  • venta terreno

Sale of land in differents places of Dominican Republic including Las Terrenas, Nagua Cabrera, Las Terrenas - El Portillo, Las Terrenas - Cosson, The Mahoe-Las Terrenas

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Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in differents places of Las Terrenas, Ventanas al Mar, Villa Pavo Real, Ocean Hill, Villa Dickinsons

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Home Construction

  • residencia le balata giardino 8

Dear Explorers, In Italy I have worked many years in the construction industry in a company of European engineering, as an accountant and designer in the technical department, but as you well know, if you have been following my story on the previous pages, I moved to Las Terrenas with my big family and in the end I managed to do what I really like to do: think, draw, design and build your home from scratch, following all steps of the project, the choice of materials , colors ...

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